Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort - Follow your bliss...

Floating Cottages

Floating Cottages 

Find your bliss in any of our eight cottages built on stilts over the water.  All cottages have verandas with hammocks that are perfect for daydreaming, relaxing and watching gorgeous sunsets. The cottages also have wooden stairs that provide direct access to the water below.

LARGE COTTAGES (Peace, Inspiration, Happiness, Love and Beauty)

Laugh, breathe easy and enjoy the good life in any of our five large cottages.  Each cottage has a master’s bedroom, guest room, loft and living area.


“A quotation from the Beauty cottage states ‘I am not lazy.  I am just passionate about leisure.’  Thank you for giving us the chance to bond together in a very cozy and passionate way.  Thank you for letting us feel your version of “leisure” which will always be cherished by our companies.”  – Dr. Alexander Garcia, Sacred Heart Dental Clinic and San Salvador Dental Clinic


Be thankful for life’s joys in this cozy home away from home. This cottage has a master’s bedroom, guest room, loft and living area. 

“We stayed in the aptly named “Blessings” cottage.  We certainly felt very blessed with our accommodations, the wonderful staff and the serenity. Thank you for our stay and we will see you again!”  -Gillian and the staff of Love2Last (Australia and Philippines)

SMALL COTTAGES (Dreams and Wishes)

These havens are just right for making beautiful dreams and wishes come true.  Each cottage has one bedroom, a loft and a living area.

“Sixteen months ago, we came without the kids and it was already a fantastic moment.  This time, it was also a real dream (the name of our cottage!) Salamat po and see you soon!” -Arlene Diokno, Sebastian, Audrey and Bruno Heran